Body ves remon work

Virsbūves remondarbiBody repairs are most often performed due to various defects that can occur for various reasons, such as car collisions, careless closing of doors, falling of various objects on the body or weather conditions. Body defects can be very small and easier to repair, as well as larger and more difficult to repair.

Types of body repair

Body repair is performed for four types of deformation: all body, individual parts deformation, skew and torsion. Formatik car service offers high quality various types of body repairs.

Restoring the geometry of a car body is one of the most difficult ways that requires a lot of care and attention. This is usually done on a body repair bench equipped with various measuring equipment. We assess the condition of the body and determine the appropriate parameters with an appropriate measuring device to ensure accuracy. Then we level the surface. The seams are then welded and treated to prevent rusting. Usually, after welding, the metal structure is damaged, so we replace and glue the damaged panels to make the car look like new.

Body painting is one of the main steps that makes the machine look like new. Before painting, the body is prepared for it, when the small defects are aligned, which are sanded and prepared for further painting. Next, we perform painting with the latest methods that ensure that the paint is of the highest quality.

Car polishing

We offer car polishing, which provides protection against environmental influences. Protective polishing is more preventive, so it should be used often. This type of polishing protects the car from factors such as sunlight, mechanical and chemical factors (sand, dust, salt, etc.). Protective polishing helps maintain the appearance of the machine (paint and varnish) and makes it easier to wash.

In a regenerating car nas pul eating is carried out for the complete or partial restoration of protective properties. It is usually necessary if various factors have left visible signs on the car. There are two types of this type of polishing: soft and abrasive. Soft polishing is usually used when the signs are not clearly visible, because this type compensates for the imperfections of the coating. The body cover is covered with post and thus hides defects and protects the machine from further and new defects. Abrasive body polishing is performed on obvious defects, which are more difficult to hide. During the process, the top layer, which is damaged, is removed. This type of polishing includes both regenerative polishing and protective polishing, which still requires regular polishing to prevent new damage.