What is car diagnostics?

Car diagnosticsCar diagnostics is a visual and computer diagnostics test of a car. Car diagnostics are necessary to detect defects in the car in a timely manner, which can significantly affect the cost of future car repairs. With the help of various modern devices, it is possible to identify even more complex faults, which cannot be told with a simple test. We offer a computer to identify defects in your car, which the mechanic will read in code to identify problems online and give you accurate information.

During auto diagnostics, the mechanic can detect problems such as running gear defects, brake system and steering system defects, air and coolant temperature, corrosion, crankshaft and camshaft condition and throttle opening, etc. Detecting these and other defects in a timely manner will save you money and keep you safe. on the road.

Car computer diagnostics enables timely and accurate detection of car damage and defects, therefore it is possible to make the necessary repairs and repairs in a timely manner. But this is not the only reason to perform car diagnostics, it can improve fuel consumption, determine the approximate operating time of the car and possible problems, as well as make sure of the real value of the car when buying or selling it. These are just a few reasons to invest in your car diagnostics.

No less important is the fact that timely car diagnostics is one of the factors that make cars last longer. The concern for the machine is reflected in its operation and in the future also at the expense of repairs. Early detection of a problem reduces costs and time for repair.

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When should car diagnostics be performed?

While it is important to perform auto diagnostics for prevention, it is important to know when you need to do it urgently. One of the reasons is a message in the control panel indicator, usually in the form of a light, “Check engine” or EPC, which warns you that the car needs auto diagnostics to diagnose the problem. Other signs include various sounds from the bottom of the machine or the engine, which can be both rattling and squeaking, as well as hissing and other sounds that should not be present. These sounds are often ignored until they remain regular, so we recommend that you contact us and perform car diagnostics even at the slightest suspicious noise. Other symptoms may include the car not being on the road, brake problems and others that need to be diagnosed immediately.

Types of car diagnostics

Car diagnostics can be of different types – general car diagnostics or diagnostics of specific parts of the machine.

Running gear diagnostics are necessary if you feel the machine tilting to one side while driving, uneven tire wear, brake system problems. This test tests the brake system – anti-lock brakes, traction control and stability system diagnostics, as well as brake test. Transmission test, which looks at the automatic transmission control system and the car’s transmission. Suspension diagnostics include diagnostics for electronic steering and height-adjustable suspension systems, as well as parking brake diagnostics and testing.

Electrical system diagnostics include car electrical system check, climate control check (ventilation and autonomous heating systems, car heating), airbag check and battery check (battery, generator, starter check).

Engine diagnostics checks engine diagnostics and inspection, which includes inspection of the engine control system, control unit, etc., detection of car engine damage, car cooling system, etc. c. Engine diagnostics also check ignition, fuel and exhaust systems.

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