Car electrician

Today, more and more modern and sophisticated electrical systems are being installed in cars, which not only allow the car to move forward, but also provide greater comfort and safety on the road. The rapid development of electronics for cars has made them more complex, so it is important that in the event of a problem with the electrical system, the car owner goes to a qualified car electrician who can determine the cause of the problem and take the necessary steps to get it up and running.

What is a car electrician?

A car electrician is a specialist who diagnoses, locates and corrects defects in the car’s electrical system and electronic devices, using all available diagnostic options. The car electrician manages the vehicle from the battery, generator, ignition and lighting system to the control computers.

Duties of a car electrician

  • Perform diagnostics in electric-electronic car equipment to detect electrical-electronic damage in the vehicle. It requires extensive technical knowledge to be able to attach the necessary diagnostic equipment to the car and understand the diagnostic results;
  • to perform electrical repairs for various vehicles – when the cause of the problem in the electrical-electronic system has been determined, a solution plan is developed and performed. Nowadays, machines are becoming more and more electronically advanced, so solutions are becoming more complex and take longer;
  • install new internal electrical systems – more and more new electrical systems are being installed, such as GPS system, radio, sound systems and even screens that provide an increased level of comfort and safety;
  • check the adjustment and conformity of the headlights to the specific car model – this is usually one of the simplest tests performed by an electrician. The headlamps shall be tested according to road safety standards to ensure that the headlamps operate in such a way that they do not dazzle others but illuminate the road for the driver.

Services provided by a car electrician:

  • electrical system diagnostics – using electrical system diagnostics programs and equipment, we perform car electrical system evaluation and diagnostics;
  • lighting system adjustment and repair – we repair and replace lamps and lanterns, install additional lamps, as well as regulate lighting systems in accordance with road traffic safety regulations;
  • ignition system repair – we repair and inspect glow plugs, spark plugs, spark plug wires, ignition keys, etc .;
  • generator and starter repair – using hardware, we install, remove and repair car generators and starters. We determine the cause of the damage and develop a repair plan in coordination with the customer;
  • battery replacement – we advise you to buy a car-friendly battery to match the specific car model
  • electrical installation repair and adjustment – we change or repair relays, probes, sensors, etc. as well as perform their adjustment;
  • repair and replacement of electronic control units – using licensed software, we identify defects in the control computer and perform their reprogramming, as well as, if necessary, perform their replacement.

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