Why use car pre-purchase inspection?

Auto pirmspirkuma pārbaudeBuying a car is one of the happiest and most exciting events, but it can also be a time of excitement and stress, as a car is a very complex purchase that requires specific knowledge to buy a car that will last a long time. Extreme care must be taken when purchasing a used machine, as even the slightest damage can be costly in the future.

We, Formatik car service, offer car pre-purchase inspection so that your purchase will bring you lasting joy and satisfaction!

What is checked in the car pre-purchase inspection?

During the pre-purchase inspection of a car, various factors are checked, such as the actual mileage of the car, its body and others, which are often omitted by car dealers to make it more attractive. To determine the true condition of the car, you need a professional who will be able to identify any defect in the car. The pre-purchase inspection includes:

  • the actual mileage of the car. We check the actual mileage, because the odometer correction is popular not only in Latvia, but also in other countries. The high mileage of the car indicates that it has spent a lot on the move, therefore various parts may be worn out.
  • running gear p We check the car’s assembly of parts and components. The running gear can have a significant effect on road comfort and safety, so it is important to check it. The steering is one of the things we test to make driving on the road safe and comfortable. We determine the damaged part and its cost so that you can consider all the factors when buying a car.
  • bodywork We inspect for various body defects that may occur for a variety of reasons, such as failure or environmental conditions. It is often possible to investigate further possible defects after inspecting the body. We determine whether the car body has been deformed and repaired, and if it has been repaired, the quality of repairs.
  • paints In this test we determine whether the parts have been painted or repaired, which may be due to various reasons, such as accident, environmental conditions, etc. We measure the thickness of the paint, which says a lot about the car’s color and body.
  • inspection of parts. We determine if the parts of the car have been changed and if so, which ones. The reasons for replacing parts can vary, which can indicate what problems the car has had, as well as whether the car’s parts are in good condition due to the replacement.
  • electronics and equipment We check that the electronics and equipment have not changed and determine what exactly has changed. It is no less important to determine if the electronics are working, because often changing electronics is very expensive and complicated.
  • cabin inspection. We determine whether the car’s interior and equipment correspond to its production.

After pre – purchase inspection we will give you inform information about the car nas st condition and advice in the car nas iegin the skin. This prbaude Ļ aus you at n emt l e mumu and b ū t dro those that you buy feel what is being sol ī ts.

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