What then?sti is a car tow truckand howdos gadījumos twhat do you need?

AutoevakuatorsAbsolutely any driver has the opportunity to get into a situation where the car no longer moves forward and the trip has to be interrupted. This situation can happen at the most unexpected and inappropriate moment. What is still missing is the middle of the night and a remote place, where you will not call anyone for help so soon – in a remote forest path or further away from populated areas.

The reasons why the car has stopped working can be very different, but let’s name at least some of the most typical examples:

  • Stalling in an impassable ditch,
  • Locked wheels
  • Low battery
  • The car cannot be started due to cold weather,
  • Of course, the cause can also be a traffic accident.

Usually, in such situations, if possible, friends or acquaintances are called in, who can help and tie the stationary vehicle and take it to the nearest car repair shop.

For professionals, car towing services can be a source of fear, because calling an impressive special vehicle – a tow truck – comes at a high cost – if at all during the dark hours of the day. There are many service providers, it is easy to get confused in the ad clutter, so both the price and the quality of work are unpredictable. There have even been cases where tow truck personnel consider the machine to be a thrown-out scrap and are therefore treated with negligence.

Profession ā la autoevaku is always more profitable in the long run!

Despite the fact that calling a tow truck may seem more expensive than helping from a friend, it will still be provided by experienced and professional workers, because they face the car stopping or getting stuck every day and it is only logical that they know the car to the smallest detail. damage to your car. Even if you think that a friend or acquaintance has a lot of experience driving or repairing, entrust your car evacuation to professionals!

It should be emphasized that a less experienced assistant can unknowingly or incorrectly tow even more damage to an already damaged car. You may incur higher costs later than calling a car tow truck to cover repair costs.

To avoid such moments of regret, first of all, remember a simple connection: the more severe the condition of the stuck car, the more sensitive it is to additional damage. Second, it can be much more difficult than it seems to assess the true severity of a technical condition. You can also not see all car defects and technical damage at once. Therefore, we recommend that any driver – both a novice who has just passed the B law exam and a passenger bus driver with 20 years of experience – call a tow truck from a high-quality service in case of loss of mobility.

The range of service providers in our country is very wide and diverse. There is still a lack of low-quality or even fraudulent service facilities, which is why many still choose to evacuate their car manually or with the help of a friend. Therefore, in the next chapter we will tell you:

  • How many and which institutions in Latvia offer car evacuation services;
  • What challenges can you face in finding the most suitable service provider for you;
  • What will make you forget the worries of the service search forever.

Latvian tow trucks, and who no vi they will be s tas lab the best?

Standard version – priv car repair shops

Once it has been genuinely decided that a tow truck will be called to evacuate your (or your own) vehicle and not be evacuated on your own, we recommend that you look carefully at the range of services available.

Although it is considered that one or a few car service agencies, whose quality of service has been tested for years and have personal contacts, are sufficient, it should be borne in mind that the quality of service and service (both overall and sectoral) may change over time. Last but not least, car towing may be necessary in a place where your favorite company does not serve and thus cannot help you.

According to data in 2017. There are 153 functioning companies in Latvia in 2006, the field of activity of which also includes car evacuation services:

Less than half of them (54) are based in Riga and serve only its territory. The remaining 99 companies, which are registered outside Riga, mostly serve one or more counties. However, there are some companies from this list that guarantee service throughout Latvia or even in all European Union member states (!). The contacts of all the mentioned 153 companies can be found in the database – both on the website and by paying by phone.

The choice of service provider based on so little information is known risk, so i possible to experience after receiving the service disappointment .

Therefore, forced compromises may occur. As a result, you agree with one of these two results (or most likely both):

  • Poorly done work: poor quality spare parts, urgent need for new repairs;
  • Unplanned financial expenses.

In addition to financial expenses, two other equally important resources that may have to be consumed significantly must not be forgotten:

  • Personal time;
  • Personal nerve cells.

Is there a v handy in trust t your car evacuated car clubs?

In addition to private car service companies, evacuation is also offered by so-called car clubs, such as the Latvian Auto-Moto Association (LAMB) or SOS. Their services are cheaper than private firms. The society has an ambiguous attitude towards the car repair and mechanics services offered by the club. What could make their performance better or worse than the service offered by commercial companies?

Here, skepticism can be written off by irrational prejudices or simply competition tensions, because, for example, the technical condition and quality of tow trucks (special vehicles for evacuation) cannot be a problem, as the EU has uniform rules on the types of tow trucks and their use. permits. In turn, the employees themselves perform the service enthusiastically, could be said as a hobby, so it cannot be said that the work would be done carelessly.

The problematic aspect could be another: the services provided by the clubs are more for the inner circle of the clubs themselves. Car clubs bring together old and new members, and they are united, of course, by a relentless passion for the roar of motorcycles and car engines. These links are not limited to members’ evenings. For example, LAMB’s daily goal is to help young drivers better integrate into the real urban traffic flow, but this is done in the name of an even bigger goal: to increase the overall level of road safety. The participants help each other in various ways in everyday life and most of all, of course, by using the resources that can be useful in case of difficulties on the road. In view of all this, it is not difficult to understand that a LAMB tow truck could be purchased for this purpose, which is not really just one. The club has as many as ten of these special vehicles at its disposal, and that is far more than any private company. This is a significant fact, knowing that the purpose of the club is not to make a profit.

LAMB provides its members with services at a particularly advantageous discount. A cheap tow truck will not be something they have to look far for. Of course, even if you are not a member of the club, it is not forbidden to ask for car evacuation from this organization. But what you may really have to face is that, unlike a private company, where the customer is always right, there may be no interest in serving you with full kindness.

And think about it – what kind of care and special treatment would be expected if you were basically indifferent to the club outside the specific service at the given moment? You, for example, approach it without the slightest interest in the values of LAMB, nor in its members themselves. In turn, the favorable price is obviously of interest to you. Your face loosely expresses nagging, just to make the long-term members of the club (who are respected in their circles as honorary traditions of ancient traditions) that their function of life is only to pull your car out of the ditch as soon as possible … Imagine yourself for a moment in the skin of a club’s old friend, perhaps called a veteran. Why should your attitude just described make him feel warm, so to speak?

Therefore, if the world of car clubs is not your whole world and you would prefer a profitable and high-quality private car towing service, which is only harder to find, then in the next subsection you will probably learn very useful information.

Evacuation pricing consists of the service charge set by the selected evacuation company together with the price of fuel consumed, the costs of repairs performed if necessary, the cost of parts and the services of providing the evacuation network.

The tow truck is called ana, sagaid short ana and all t procedures for further work

What do you need to know when calling a tow truck?

Once you have contacted the towing service provider, it is extremely important to give the dispatcher by phone all the information needed for the evacuation about your vehicle and the circumstances of the incident:

  • Yours atra place of residence . Keep in mind that the more accurate the coordinates, the faster the tow truck will arrive (and the faster this stationary situation with the stationary vehicle will be resolved);
  • Number of people who moved with you in the vehicle. Evacuation transport can carry at least two people, but if the service provider is aware of the total number of people, it may still be able to adapt to be able to provide transport for them.
  • Evacuable transport l vehicle category . Car repair shops tend to have different sizes of tow trucks, the use of which prices can vary considerably. If, for example, you only need a motorcycle tow truck, the service may be cheaper than in the case of a car. If, on the contrary, you need to evacuate a vehicle of a large weight category, it is mandatory to tell the dispatcher, because not every service will also have towers of the respective category. (You can get acquainted with the official division of vehicle categories in the EU on the CSDD website: )
  • Tell the dispatcher as accurately as possible the condition of the damaged vehicle . It may be that the tow truck will not be needed at all, as a car sent by a service that will damage the vehicle will suffice. pull the rope to the service (which costs much cheaper than calling a tow truck). Of course, it may also be that the situation is more severe than it would seem at first glance. Therefore, be sure to tell the dispatcher, for example, if your vehicle has / is not stuck to the wheels. If the wheels are stuck, it will be necessary tow truck with pac lift, crane either, a crane or other appropriate this technology .

Don’t forget that you may also have questions you would like to ask the dispatcher before the service has been officially announced. The most common questions could be:

  • How soon tow truck will arrive?
  • How the whole service together costs ?

Once the service is logged in

The procedure for providing an evacuation service for each company may be specific, but in general it is as follows:

  • A tow truck arrives, the crew inspects and assesses the condition of your vehicle;
  • If it is found that the vehicle can be prepared to drive safely on the spot, the mechanic will repair it and no evacuation will take place. (You will be billed there and the crew will leave).
  • If your car cannot be repaired at the scene, it will be transported to the nearest service location with the help of a tow truck.
  • At the service, your car is repaired and you receive it back in working order.

Feel free to call Formatik and you will soon be waiting for your car tow truck.