What is a car engine?

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Today, the engine is a set of advanced components and systems that power the car to get you from one point to another. It obtains energy by burning petrol and the airborne fuel mixture inside the cylinder. The energy obtained is then supplied to other parts of the car. Modern electronics and materials have made engine repairs more difficult, but its basis has not changed over the years. The engine has different parts, so it is important to take care of it in time to prevent engine problems.

What are the signs of engine problems?

There are several signs that may indicate damage to the car’s engine:

  • excessive smoke from the muffler;
  • high oil consumption;
  • various sounds;
  • low oil pressure;
  • low compression;
  • water mixture in oil;
  • oil entering the air filter and / or radiator.

What are the most common causes of engine problems?

There are several factors that can affect the engine:

  • car mileage and wear;
  • poor maintenance of the car and its engine;
  • low oil quality or no change in oil;
  • excessive engine overheating;
  • old engine accessories (timing belts, tensioners, water pump, etc.);
  • broken timing belt.

What to do in case of engine failure?

First of all, contact a car service, where the professionals will give you advice on how to act in each situation, but there are things you should know yourself.

Damage to the engine is most often due to its accessories, so it is important to contact a workshop in good time to ensure that the damaged part does not affect other adjacent parts and does not cause further damage to the engine.

In the event of a major engine damage, it is not always necessary to buy a new or used car. If the car is in good condition, then you should consider replacing the engine to do so, you must purchase a rebuilt engine that meets the standards and specifications of each car.

Depending on your car, it may be more profitable to rebuild the engine than to buy a new car.

What repairs do we do?

Formatik car service performs various engine repairs:

  • Oil and filter change – Engine parts are subjected to high loads, such as high friction, corrosion and heat overload. Engine oil is one of the most important components of a car, as it performs such functions as protection against overheating, wear and corrosion. It reduces engine wear and friction, as well as eliminates by-products of fuel combustion. In performing these functions, engine oil ages rapidly (thickens, becomes dirty and oxidizes), thus no longer being able to perform its functions, so it is important to change the oil regularly;
  • Replacement of engine accessories – replacement of timing belts, water pumps, crankshafts, pistons and other engine accessories;
  • Engine head repair – engine head restoration and channel treatment after valve breakage, grinding, milling, turning, welding and replacement of damaged and worn valve seats;
  • Overhaul of the engine – complete disassembly of the engine, replacement or restoration of damaged parts.

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