When yes does a geometry check?

Ģeometrijas pārbaudeProper car wheel geometry is important to make the car more stable, making driving safer and more comfortable. There are various reasons why a geometry test should be performed, these are:

  • uneven tire wear;
  • the car is unstable and its course must be adjusted by the steering wheel;
  • the car tends to “pull” to the side and the steering wheel must be steered with effort;
  • has happened to enter a large pit;
  • after repair of the running gear;
  • once a year to carry out inspections for prevention

During the geometry test and adjustment, various aspects are measured:

  • wheel test – front and rear inclination of the upper pivot joint in relation to the lower pivot. If you look at the vehicle from the side, if the top of the hinge is facing the rear of the car, then the caster is positive. If it is forward-looking, it is negative. Wrong position affects the stability of the direction, affects the steering and “carrying” the car sideways at high speeds;
  • elevation test – this is the angle of the wheel when viewed from the front. If the top of the wheel is tilted out of the car, then it is positive, if it is facing down, then the distance is negative. The more surfaces there are between the car and the road, the better its grip and stability. Improper positioning can lead to increased tire wear and impaired handling;
  • wheelbase – the distance of one front wheel from the other. If the right wheel is farther than the left, it is positive, if the left wheel is farther than the right, it is negative. An incorrect position can lead to incorrect steering center and sideways deviation;
  • Traction angle means the direction in which the rear wheels face the center line of the vehicle. If the traction line is to the right, the angle is considered positive, if it is to the left, the angle is considered negative. This problem is indicated by the car’s tendency to pull left or right, as it tries to compensate for the problem. This causes uneven tire wear, which can turn into an empty or torn tire.

Formatik car service offers to check and adjust the geometry to make it correct.

How to What are the advantages of correct geometry?

One of the advantages of geometry testing is that regardless of which part of the geometry is tested, it is possible to see the entire geometry and thus determine any deviation from the standards. The geometry is measured with the help of a special computer and lasers, which are then connected to the computer.

Although sometimes just adjusting the wheel alignment is sufficient, we recommend a full geometry check, as sometimes the fault can be greater than originally intended and the geometry check can save you more on repair costs.

A car with the right geometry will be more economical, it will reduce tire wear, it will be easier and more pleasant to drive, and it will be safer to drive for you and others.

Formatik car service Valmiera, Voldemāra Baloža iela 13, LV-4201, will provide a high quality geometry test, which will be performed by experienced professionals!