What is a car lighting system and what are its functions?

Gaismas lukturu regulēšanaThe car’s lighting system consists of various lighting and signaling devices that ensure your own and others’ safety on the road. They are usually located at the front, sides and back. The car lighting system has various functions:

  • ensures the visibility of the vehicle during the dark hours of the day
  • increases the driver’s visibility on the road during the dark hours of the day
  • displays information about the presence, location, size and direction of the car

The car’s headlights ensure the visibility of the car and the driver’s visibility on the road, which makes every trip pleasant and safe. It is important not only that the car’s headlights are on, but also that they are adjusted so that they provide the best lighting and do not dazzle oncoming drivers, which can lead to dangerous situations, so Formatik car service offers headlight adjustment for comfort and road safety.

What are the types of car lights?

There are different types of car lighting:

  • Dipped or daytime running lights – usually mounted on the front of the car and their main purpose is to illuminate the road. These lights are strong and have a reflective element. They can be used not only in the dark, but also in case of poor visibility, such as fog. These lights are mounted on the inside of the car, to which the main panel is attached. These lamps have three main components: reflectors, a filament and special lenses that are tightly attached to the hermetic block. These lamps can come in a variety of shapes, designs, materials, sizes, and colors, but the most common is the round shape because it is the easiest to manufacture. Usually these lamps are made of plastic and are in pairs. These are some of the car’s main lights, so it is important that they are in working order and properly adjusted.
  • Tail lights – These lights usually have a red or transparent body and are mounted on the rear of the car. These are usually paired lights and work to inform other drivers about the direction of the car. The rear position lamps are: signal or direction indicator lamps, usually of yellow color, used to indicate the direction (maneuver) of the vehicle to the right or to the left. It is very important that these lights are in working order to avoid dangerous situations on the road.

The reversing lamps are designed to indicate that the direction of the vehicle is reversing.

The stop lamps are intended to warn drivers of the presence of another vehicle in the dark, rain or fog, and of the braking maneuver.

  • High beam headlights – designed to provide further illumination in front of the vehicle, which improves and increases the visibility of distant objects at night. These lights are usually mounted above the car’s bumper. They are usually used in conjunction with headlights to increase visibility. Driving in the dark can often be tiring, so it is important to make visibility more pleasant and easier.
  • Side marker lamps – these lamps are most often attached to the front of the car in a plastic housing. It is designed to improve the visibility and safety of the car.
  • Fog lights – These lights are designed to increase the visibility of the car in poor visibility conditions or in the dark. They are usually used alone or in combination with daytime running lights.
  • Interior lighting – this consists of different types of lighting devices used inside the vehicle. Interior lighting mainly consists of light and main displays. The interior lights are very powerful and are installed in front or in the door.

The position and operation of the lights is an essential aspect for a pleasant and safe movement. Formatik car service offers to adjust and change the headlights according to the standards of each car.