Minibus repair

Mikroautobusu remontsA minibus is a vehicle designed to carry more people than a car, but less than a full-size bus. Most minibuses have a capacity of 8 to 30 seats. Minibuses are most often used to transport people, but they are often converted and used for small loads.

Minibuses, like cars, require annual inspections to make sure they are safe to drive and free from defects. It is important to check not only the technical condition of the minibus, but also its exterior and interior, so that even the slightest defect does not turn into something more serious and difficult to repair.

Formatik car service provides inspection of your minibus. We inspect and repair minibuses keeping in mind that minibuses most often have different problems than cars, so special attention is paid to it. Last but not least, minibuses need to be inspected more frequently, as they are subject to faster wear and tear, as they are used frequently and on long journeys.

What are the most common minibus problems?

It does not matter whether the minibus is new or used, it is often subjected to long and frequent trips, which can lead to various problems. The most common problems:

  • tire wear and tear – this is due to the fact that the weight of minibuses is based on four wheels, as well as its mileage is many times higher than that of cars, so they can burst more often. Tire rupture and inflation are dangerous due to the large size of the minibus. To avoid this problem, we recommend checking the tire pressure and wear regularly, especially before driving;
  • rust – although it does not seem to be such a significant damage, it can significantly affect the service life and technical inspection of the minibus;
  • doors – door handles often wear out quickly, although they are not difficult to repair, it still takes time and is one of the most common problems of minibuses;
  • Difficulty starting the engine – The fault may be due to a faulty battery or battery cables, so it is important to contact a workshop. We recommend that you check the battery fluid level and charge regularly to make sure it is still working properly;
  • Noise in the brakes – minibus brakes very often wear out faster than the car, especially if regular long-distance journeys are made, so even the slightest noise in the brakes should be addressed to a workshop. The reasons may be worn or loose brake pads, or dust may have accumulated, etc.

What minibus repairs do we perform?

Formatik car service performs the following minibus repairs:

  • body repair – we perform body repair for both smaller and larger defects;
  • electrical system diagnostics and repair – we perform electrical system diagnostics and inspection, as well as repair electrical system damage;
  • installation of additional equipment;
  • repair of internal equipment;
  • pre-purchase inspection of a minibus – we inspect the actual mileage of the vehicle, inspection of the running gear, body and color, parts, electronics and equipment, as well as the interior;
  • inspection and preparation of minibuses for technical inspection;
  • battery inspection and charging;
  • tire inspection, assembly and balancing;
  • engine inspection and repair;
  • we are converting into a cargo-passenger minibus;
  • we perform interior decoration and sewing;
  • installation of a rack with stairs;

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