What’s in the car rolling stock?

Ritošās daļas remontsThe running gear is one of the car’s main systems that ensures your and others’ safety on the road, so we will perform a full running gear inspection to ensure this. It is advisable to inspect the running gear of the vehicle at least twice a year, as well as in case of incomprehensible noise, before and after long journeys or in the pit of a strong impact.

The running gear affects the damping system, the axle, the steering equipment, the drive shaft and its connecting parts. These parts are affected by accidents, potholes, as well as simply the wear and tear of parts. It is important to remember here that postponing the repair of a running gear can cost more than initially, as a damaged part can adversely affect other components of the car and, most importantly, safe driving.

We provide diagnosis and repair of damaged parts.

When to inspect the running gear?

Although it is necessary to inspect the car regularly, various faults can occur unexpectedly.

If you hear noises and sounds from the bottom of the car or the engine, it is necessary to perform an inspection and diagnose the fault. Signs such as one-sided tilting of the machine and incorrect tire wear indicate running problems that need to be resolved as a matter of urgency.

What is included in the repair of a running car part?

Running gear repair includes:

  • steering gear repair, which includes dismantling of the steering equipment, technical assessment and replacement of parts. After the repair, we carry out the necessary inspection to make sure that the steering mechanism is working properly.
  • repair of the damping system, which includes the replacement of shock absorbers, shock absorber supports and springs, as well as the replacement and repair of bearings and stabilizer bushes.
  • brake system repair, which includes inspection and repair of brake discs and pads, repair of parking brakes and service brakes and the like.
  • tire replacement and balancing to ensure even tire wear.
  • lower bodywork inspection
  • oil leak test

Me s care let’s get you on the road feel safe!